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Tyreshredders UK Limited: Tyreshredders UK Limited, is now an established major force in the supply of recycling systems to both the retail and tyre recycling industries, offering the only true single-pass shredding system producing a 20mm virtually wire-free chip from whole passenger tyres in a single-pass machine.

The Problem For many years, the tyre recycling industry has been searching for innovative and affordable technology to enhance existing tyre recycling plants which have proved to be extremely costly, consisting of multi-stage shredding and granulating systems that are susceptible to high wear factors due to the tyre wire content. High power consumption and running costs have also been a limiting factor in existing tyre rubber recycling technology, where pre-shredding, secondary shredding, and granulation are essential in order to remove the tyre wire. The Answer Tyre Shredders UK Ltd (TSUK) offer the combined experience of over 35 years in the Rubber and Recycling industries and pride themselves on being able to provide the results of over 3 years of development in their TS range of machines incorporating single-pass technology to convert whole tyres to wire-free rubber chip. The Products TSUK can offer systems to cater for all sizes of tyre up to Super-Singles and all grades of material down to Mesh 100 (0.15mm) at varying outputs. 20mm wire-free shredding: With the recent changes in legislation, tyre recycling is now more important than ever before.Tyre Shredders UK offer a unique 'Single-Pass' shredding technology which takes whole passenger and 4x4 tyres down to a 20mm virturally wire-free rubber chip. This chip is easily saleable in to markest such as equestrian rubber surfaces, childrens adventure playgrounds and parks and garden uses as mulch. Some advantages of our unique TS systems are:- • Up to 95% over the tyre rubber liberated as finished product • Clean steel wire extracted from the tyre with only 5-9% rubber contamination • Minimal wastage in the region of 6% which can be re-processed for maximum gain. • Quiet – low speed, vibration free operation suits sensitive locations. • Easy to use system with potential payback in less than 12 months. • With the addition of a debeader and pre-shredder, truck and super single tyres can also be processed. (in TS100) Pre-Shredding: If you are seeking quick volume reduction only, processing large tyres or want to increase production volumes in an existing system, Tyre Shredders UK have a wide range of pre-shredders to suit most applications. Both static and mobile systems can be offered to suit all tyres at throughput rates of up to 25 tonnes per hour. With both twin and four-rotor pre-shredders, final material sizes can be achieved from a rough shred down to a 50-80mm particle size to suit Tyre Derived Fuel (TDF) for example

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